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Monday, 12 December 2011


People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did.  But people will never forget how you made them feel.    
Merry Christmas

Last night at church we were asked to tell someone near us of our favorite Christmas. The man in front of me talked about the excitement of his own small children opening their presents in the morning. Perhaps I am more selfish but nothing exceeds those Christmases when I was a child under ten when we lived by the beach and my father was still alive. 

On Christmas Eve at night it was a tradition for us to visit a carnival in town. I remember one Christmas Eve when it must have been the weekend because my father was at home and in the afternoon we walked to the sandhills nearby to ride out sleds our father had made, before going to the carnival at night. Santa the next morning and Mum's beautiful baked Christmas dinner with chicken which was expensive in those days. My parents used to put money aside for it all year. And then the delicious, moist sago plum pudding. Even Christmas with my own children couldn't bring back the magic of those days.

In the garden

It has been raining for days and seems as if it will continue to do so.

Rain on agapanthus stem
I am fascinated by raindrops on plants and the reflections in them.

Raindrops on agapanthus leaves
The rain looks beautiful in the garden but P:-) and I are planning to travel to Davistown on the Central Coast, not far from Gosford , tomorrow. We only plan to go for a couple of nights, which will mean no blogging, but there is no point going if is going to be pouring rain, although we will see P:-)'s cousin. Today Gosford had its highest December rainfall in 22 years. So it doesn't look good.

Christmas decorating

I finished the Christmas wreath in blue and silver rather than red and gold. I thought it suited the purple tinge better.

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