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Friday, 9 December 2011


If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.  
William Morris, The Beauty of Life

I look around my house and I think this is probably true. Most of the things I have are either useful or beautiful for some reason. Except I guess there are some things which may be more useful than others and some which may be more beautiful than others. And things which are useful or beautiful do need to be in the right places so they can be used or admired appropriately. I need to weed out my most useful things and most beautiful things. I am working on it.
William Morris :Tulip and Willow 1873

 William Morris was a wonderful artist from the Art Nouveau period. Click here to read about  him. He is worth Googling just to view some of his beautiful work. He designed wallpaper, fabric and tiles. Although not trained as an architect he had a profound influence on building design at the time.
Merry Christmas
I added to my Christmas table decoration of yesterday with an armful of branches I pruned off a tree in my garden.

The frog is a picture painted in acrylics for me by my Daughter R. I am very fond of frogs.

The tablecloth isn't plastic - it is a satin jacquard. (Well actually it's polyester, but it's supposed to look like satin.)

I bought a wreath at an odd little gift shop yesterday.  I'm not sure if it is second hand or new because the shop sells both.

In the shop it just looked silver. When I brought it home I saw it had a purple tinge.

Next year I may respray it but I don't have time this year. I'm not sure what the wreath is made of. It doesn't appear to be plastic.

 The question is, how am I going to decorate it?

I could go for red and gold, using a few bits and pieces I have.

Or I could go for blue and silver.

Next year I will have more time and may do something with polymer clay.....but that is next year.

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