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Thursday, 20 October 2011


Time softened

I am reading through my Bible a chapter a day. I am up to Song of Solomon. In the first part of Chapter 1 a woman speaks. She says in verse 5:
 I am weathered but still elegant.......
time-softened like Solomon's temple hangings.

I thought that this would be a nice way to be thought of - weathered but still elegant and time-softened. I think I could live with that. That is how I shall think of myself from now on.
Top Enders

We are starting a thematic unit at school based on a DVD called Top Enders.

It explores a number of themes, but we will base the unit on the Top End of the Northern Territory. The students usually enjoy this. Most of them have very little general knowledge and very little knowledge of Australia, so it is really good for them.
We showed the students the movie today and they were well behaved, which makes life very pleasant. A lot of them have trouble with concentration and a lot of trouble sitting still for any length of time.

In maths we interpreted and compared graphs of rainfall in Darwin and Sydney.

Manna House

Tonight was Manna House. People come to Figtree Anglican Church for a free meal. I provide puzzles which the clients enjoy.

It was a fairly busy night with lots of children. P:-) often comes with me but he was busy working on his daughter's Helensburgh house.

As I came out I thought how pretty the garden at the front of the church looked with its standard roses.

Manna House is held in the left of the building above, and the children come out and play in the area behind the fence.
I also liked the look of the pink sunset as I walked towards my car.

 Fairy door

When I arrived home tonight and my fairy door was shining, the light was just right so that I could photograph it without a flash and you can see the effect. I love seeing this little light shining a welcome when I come home in the dark.

The fairy door

Mystery photo

Did you guess the mystery photo in the last blog?
Mystery photo

It is actually a photo of ice in a glass. P:-) had his glass filled with ice and the rainbow colors sparkling from it inspired me to take some photos. So I zoomed in really close and this is the effect I achieved.

Interesting sites


  This is Brooklyn Grange, the world's largest rooftop farm. Click here to read more.


Click here to have a look at lots of examples of pollen close up. Very interesting and pretty.

Melvin the machine begins with  the ringing of an alarm clock which triggers a chain of events that opens umbrellas, spins paper windmills, starts a fire and releases a set of parachuting toy animals.  Click here to watch Melvin in action.

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