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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Christening present

Every Wednesday I get the mail for our school from the Post Office. I was really pleased to come across these pretty painted letters today in a craft shop nearby.

Painted wooden letters.

P:-)'s second granddaughter  L is being Christened in a couple of weeks and we bought similar letters for her elder sister for her christening a couple of years ago. The letters make up her name.

The wooden letters are about 9cm high.

The two girls share the same bedroom so I am pleased to have been able to get matching letters. We will also buy Granddaughter L a brooch with her name engraved on it, as we did her sister.

Keeping shallots 

I eat quite a few shallots and I have found that rather than keep them in the fridge they actually last better in water. Not only that they will continue to grow.

I have only been keeping them this way for a couple of weeks, so don't really know how long the shallots are going to keep growing, but I just keep cutting the tops off as I need them.

Beauty from ashes

I came across these words below on a blog called  Life in Grace . They are written by Edie Wadsworth. Her house burnt down and she has just built a new one. I know some of the people who read this blog, and are not Christians, may be a little irked by them, but I decided to include them anyway.

These words mean a lot to me because I feel that my life was like ashes after my  ex-husband  left what I had thought was a happy marriage of 30 years. But with the help of God I am rebuilding it.

Clover in P:-)'s lawn
Beauty  From  Ashes
So, whether your house burns down or your spouse leaves or your children rebel or you have cancer—there is one thing you can count on.
For the sake of Christ, God has loved you with an everlasting love.  He is your Father and He knows your sorrow and counts your tears.
He chose you before the foundation of the world, to live this life, with these people, in this very specific circumstance.
Your hurt is not lost on Him.   He cares for you so much that He suffered every conceivable temptation to rescue you from your shackles.
He will use every heartache in your life to bring you joy in Him.
He will make every piece of the puzzle make sense.
He is not waiting for you to obey or be strong or be faithful.
He has obeyed and been strong and faithful in your place.
And He offers this all to you freely, for the sake of Christ, because that is the reason why He came.
He is the Rock on which your life is built and you need not worry when you see the walls all fall down around you.
In Christ, they will be built again, with the true and sure Cornerstone of His body and blood.
He will make life from death.
Hope from ruin.
Beauty from ashes.

Mystery photo
Mystery photo

The photo above was taken at the table. I am not a very good photographer but I zoomed in on something on the table at mealtime and was quite pleased with the results. Can you guess what it is?

Interesting sites


I hate the dark. Click here to read about a system which automatically turns on battery lights when there is a black out. Priced at $89 in the USA, which sounds very reasonable, I imagine when we do finally get it here in Australia it will be quite a bit more expensive.


 This moving pattern called the Sketch of Voronoi is really fun to play with.

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