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Friday, 14 October 2011


Christmas coming
Friday at last and the end of week 1 for term 4. We only have 6 more full weeks before our students have their graduation and are finished. I am really looking forward to the Christmas holidays. This is my favorite time of year coming up. I love Christmas.
I have already started looking at all the Christmas decorations in Woolworths and looking at the Christmas food. I was almost tempted to buy myself some chocolate coated ginger bread, but thought the better of it.

I have already begun my Christmas shopping.

I am almost tempted  to put my Christmas tree up at the beginning of November this year to really appreciate it . I just seem to put it up in December and then in no time it has to come down again.

Trip to Sutherland

Yesterday afternoon I went to Sutherland with P:-) while he attended a meeting. We stopped at Caringbah for some grilled fish and salad. It was just takeaway but really delicious. While we were there I took a couple of photos of the sunset behind the trees.

Sunset at Caringbah
The new step

The step that P:-) fixed has turned out really well.

Step before

Step after edge applied
It has a lovely straight edge but I cannot paint it for a few days until it is really hard

Frankie magazine

I received my first copy of Frankie magazine  today. It is an Australian magazine that I had come across on the internet, although Daughter J knew all about it. I had been eying it off for a while and when my tax return arrived I decided to treat myself to a subscription.

Inside there is this lovely poster called. Willow Bank  by Rosemary Milner.

Daughter J is particularly fond of rabbits so I will give it to her.

Interesting sites

These are little igloos in Finland where you can stay and see the Northern Lights. Click here to find out more.


This is a very narrow house in Japan. Click here to read more about it and see some pictures of the interior.

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