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Sunday, 16 October 2011


The weekend started out extremely wet. The rain was very heavy and went on without a break for hours.
Wet Saturday afternoon out my window near my computer
I was waiting for a new hot water system to be installed and was worried they may not work in the rain. Once they arrived it would be dry under the house where the heater was to go.

Hole in laundry wall
Above is the hole where the men installing the hot water heater had to climb. They said it was very unusual, but thankfully the tank just fitted. The panel hasn't been off the wall in 15 years and  I guess it won't be off for another 15. It is lovely to have hot water again.

P:-) put the first coat of paint on my hall floor. It has certainly brightened it up.

Hallway with garbage bin blocking the door
 It is going to need at least one more coat, but I am extremely pleased with the way it is going.

We drove to P:-)'s place to get some brushes. On the way back I took these photos of Balgownie as I drive toward my house.

Balgownie Village looking west towards the mountains

The bottom of my street.
My house is just over the brow of the hill.

I haven't used my back door for quite a while, but used it when I had my hot water system fixed. The door scraped along the floor. I thought it had swollen from moisture but P:-) said the top hinge was coming away from the wall. This was making it drag on the floor.So on Sunday he very kindly took the door down and fixed it.

Laundry door
I now have a back door that swings freely. Now that I can open it easily it will be far easier for me to get down the back to use the clothes line.

Until I met P:-) I lived in blissful ignorance about my house. But P:-) spots all sorts of problems that I haven't noticed. He is wonderful though. He is always fixing something. He is a qualified builder and can turn his hand to just about anything that needs fixing around my house.

 Art around the house

While I was tidying I came across this notebook given to me by a friend.

Notebook decorated by S

I am lucky to know many talented and artistic people. I also love toadstools. This is a notebook hand stitched  for me by my friend S. I love it and it has been with me to Queensland for conferences twice.

Interesting sites


These are wooden bird houses in Norway that are made to look like shoes thrown over electrical wires. Click here  to read more.

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