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Monday, 10 October 2011


Today I bought some paint to do the floor of my front hall. (I shall leave the color as a surprise.) The front door of the house has been moved and never quite finished. As a result there is an untidy step where the porch used to be. P:-) very kindly offered to neaten it up before I painted it, so we popped in to Bunnings for supplies.

P:-) removing old mortar from step.
P:-) chipped away at the untidy mortar along the edge. Then he set up a piece of timber as form-work to make a new tidy edge for the step. It will certainly look a lot tidier.

New edge for step.
The board will come off in a few days when P:-) returns.

From the garden  

I have some straggly geraniums in my garden which really need pulling out but the flowers are pretty.

Here is a native iris from my front garden.

Native Iris
 These are very hardy and have popped up in a couple of places in the front and back yard.

I just love this 'trook'  below.

It gives me some ideas of some things to do with all the wood around the place.

These little pins below are also cute.

Push pins
If you are interested in making some there is a tutorial at

Interesting sites


 Have a look at this site where a man has decorated his room with black sharpies.


I love these teardrop caravans. Click here to have a look at this one.


Barbie now has an ecologically sound and sustainable house. Check it out at

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