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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


My hot water system died on Monday. I have to get a new one. Access to the tank is in my laundry behind a panel in the wall.

My laundry.

P:-) cleared out the laundry for me. It had been very cluttered. P:-) said they would need a lot of room to bring in the water heater and  take it through the wall behind the painted canvas. I had cleared what I had thought was a reasonable path but P:-) stated that the plumbers wouldn't want to do keyhole surgery. The freezer has been moved out as well as  a set of shelves. I plan to keep it uncluttered.

Hopefully I will have a new hot water system on Saturday. I have had to have showers at P:-)'s place and Mum's place, depending on what is most convenient at the time.

School is back again. It is a bit depressing to be back but at least this term goes quickly.
Today we had school sport at the local PCYC . This mural of the local beach is painted on a courtyard wall.

PCYC mural
I have always liked this mural, although I do not think the photo of it really does it justice. I just love the blues and the way the waves have been painted.

Art around the house

Below is a self-portrait that Daughter R  painted about 15 years ago. It is very much like her. The vase and shells in front were textured and painted by Daughter R about a year ago.

Self-portrait by Daughter R

 Interesting sites


This will be the world's first vertical forest in Milan. Click here to find out more.


This is and interpretation of the Notre Dame Cathedral done in trees. Click here to read more.

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