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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


I love my backyard. It is a bush garden. Below is the view I have from my computer in the mornings.
 I feel as if I am part of the bush. Often there will be birds in the branches.

Wednesday is sport day at my school. We go to a  PCYC (Police and Citizens Youth Club) a couple of suburbs away where the students and staff have a few games of volleyball. A lot of my students are in trouble with the law and are under 18 so cannot have their photos displayed publicly. So I have taken some photos of the venue, so you can get the idea of it.

In the top photo above, if you look very carefully  you can in fact see some back views of the students sitting on the stairs outside. I am always the referee. I always err on the side of the losing team -especially when I don't have my glasses. We don't take it too seriously. (Well I don't take it too seriously - sometimes the students do!)

I have discovered Celtic Thunder . They are coming to the WIN Entertainment Centre  in Wollongong on the 15th February 2012. I have booked tickets for P:-) and I to go to their show. Only 6 months to wait! ( My big problem will be not losing the tickets before then.)

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