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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Today my Bible reading took me to Proverbs 31:10-21, Hymn to Good Wife. Part of it is that she "always faces the future with a smile." I do not know what my future will be. I take it day by day, but I do try to be optimistic. I would like to say I face the future with a smile

Garden musings
Today is another lovely potter around the house day. I did a little bit of weeding. I decided that if I pull out 20 weeds each morning in my front garden I will keep them under control. I have mulched half of my front garden and now the weeds are growing in the mulch! I must admit it is getting  onto a year since I mulched it, so I guess a few weeds now isn't too bad.

Weeds growing in the mulch
But I was pleased to discover some of my lemon bottlebrush were flowering.

I am always happy to see flowers in my garden as I have so few.

Food again 

As a person who is always trying to lose weight, and is always a bit hungry, food is often on my mind. This morning I popped down to Woolworths for the mini Flakes I take to Manna House tonight. I have decided it is best to wait until Thursday to buy them so I don't eat them and have to buy another lot.

I was also looking for some sort of high protein snack to have in the afternoon with some fruit. I already have nuts twice in the day and am trying to cut down on dairy foods. Actually I have very little meat so I looked at some smoked ham which I could cut into pieces and have a small portion each afternoon. Can you tell which is the smoked ham and which is the pig's ear for Jasper, my daughter's dog?

The Bow Wow on the pig's ear probably gives it away, but I was quite amused when I noticed they were very similar in shape and color. I don't think the pig's ear would be good for my teeth, and for some reason I cannot remember, Jasper is not allowed to eat ham, so I had better not get them mixed up!

Art around the house

As part of my blog I am doing an inventory on some of the art that daughters J and R have done for me. These are a couple of paintings that R did at TAFE when she was studying art. I think the brief was something to do with industry.

Both of these pictures tone in nicely in my lounge room..

And speaking of art around the house, some twisty old vines had fallen into my garden.

I love these twisty bits of  vine. Luckily I spotted them before P:-) had a chance to see them and throw them away. I will use these as interesting pieces to dress my miniature gardens. 

Miniature garden terrarium
This is one of my vary small gardens I did some time ago. As you will see from the empty jars either side, I still have containers to fill. Last year I planned to make Christmas presents of them. Perhaps I will this year. There is just enough time to get some established.

 Intertesting sites 


You just have to go and look at this off-the-grid Hobbit house in Wales. You will find it at

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