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Thursday, 29 September 2011


It is not smart to stuff yourself with sweets
nor is glory piled on glory good for you. 
(Proverbs 25:27 The Message.)

I smiled when I read this in my bible reading today. Last night I had "stuffed myself with sweets" after Manna House . I provide puzzles for the clients and when they complete them they receive a chocolate - a mini Flake.

I have to confess that last night I came home and finished off quite a good number of the Flakes that were left. I didn't have any dinner after this so it was probably not too bad calorie wise, but it was certainly not healthy or conducive to weight loss.

I annoy myself by continually doing this! You would think that now I am a grownup I would be able to resist. My problem is that I run our of good primal food. I hate grocery shopping and am always convincing myself that I have enough food left and I don't need to pop into Woolworths for a few things. Last night I should have popped into Woolworths!!

Anyway. I laughed when I read this verse this morning and I am going to learn the first line off by heart - not that I don't agree with the sentiments already. I know that mini Flakes are sabotaging all my good work on my primal diet.

Talking of the primal diet, I tried to substitute coconut cream for yoghurt on my frozen blueberries. It didn't taste half as good and there was no calorie advantage, so am staying with the yoghurt. Dairy foods are allowed in moderation, but I would like to reduce my intake a little.

Frozen blueberries and yoghurt
Frozen blueberries and yoghurt is very delicious. I have it with a touch of  stevia . Stevia is a natural sweetener which is very low in calories. Blueberries are extremely high in antioxidants and I'm sure this is the reason for my good health. I have a bowl of blueberries and yoghurt each day. Whenever  P :-) comes for dinner it is what he is served up for dessert. (Occasionally for a special treat he gets something a bit less healthy with a lot more sugar, but not often.)

This morning I needed to pop into Balgownie Village for a couple of things. It was a small coal miners' village a hundred years ago.
Balgownie Village

The hotel is over 100 years old.

Balgownie Hotel
When I had done my shopping I visited daughter R and Jasper.

Jasper is a Miniature Foxie  and my grand-dog. I love him to bits. He is always very excited to see me. When R is away he comes and stays at my place. He is great company and I would buy myself a dog except that I am out to much. A dog needs company and I am out all day and often into the evenings.

While I was at R's place she showed me this menu below.

R is an artist and she designed the logo for this takeaway shop. I think it is simple but elegant.

As I sit and write this there is a weak sun shining through the trees outside my window.

It is the end of the first month of spring. But the weather is cool and windy today. The swimming season starts officially this weekend. The lifeguards patrol the beaches again until Easter. But I think it is going to be a very chilly introduction to the swimming season.

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