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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

View from my window 

As I sit at my computer it is a sunny day but quite cool. I'm not quite sure where the warm weather has gone. There are only a few days of school holidays left. Where have they gone?

I visited P:-) this morning and could not help taking some pictures of the flowers in his back lawn. They are not supposed to be there but they look very pretty.

Native Violet

Dandelion seed head

Dandelion flower

Below is the view from P:-)'s house toward the mountain. These mountains are part of the Great Dividing Range that runs up the east coast of Australia. It is the third longest mountain range in the world.

I was lucky to receive a late birthday present from Daughter J and Partner F . They gave me a beautiful book on clouds.

It is full of double page cloud pictures with smatterings of scientific information throughout. There are some really beautiful images.

They also gave me a dragonfly which they found at the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne. It is made of light metal and balances on its nose.

As you can see it is just balancing on the edge of the rock.

I have been watching a TV program called The Renovators . I have loved it, although it hasn't done well in the ratings. I have found it fascinating as well as inspiring. It has spurred me on to picking up a paint chart from Bunnings so I can paint the floor of my entry hall. There are so many things in my house that need finishing, but I think sprucing up the entry hall would be a good idea. So now I have to decide which color.

I can choose from the 3 heavy duty colors in the lower left hand corner. Or should I choose from the wider palette?


I must admit when I took a photo of my hall facing the front door it appeared very drab.

I want to keep the walls the color they are, but the door needs some new paint. And I need some skirting boards to finish off the walls. Eventually I will put down a floating floor, but just a quick coat of paint could make all the difference. But what color? Blue? Brown? A light heavy duty color? It is so hard to decide.

Interesting sites   

I came across some interesting sites in the last day or so. I have listed them below.

This little bird is made from scraps of material by Abigail Brown. If you visit her page you will find many different birds that she has made. They are all based on actual existing birds.


 This is a living bridge in Meghalaya, India. Read about them at

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