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Friday, 7 October 2011


It is raining this evening and there is some fog up on the mountain.

View from my back room window

The weather doesn't look good for the weekend.

This morning I cut up some of my twisty old vines and put them around my fairy door.

I had just driven my car down the street this morning when I felt something moist near my ankle. I knew that feeling! It was a leech! I pulled over and parked. Sure enough when I checked that was what it was.A leech.  It must have come from my front garden when I had been doing some weeding. 

Leech near leg of glasses

I pulled it off my leg and threw it in a bowl I had on the seat of the car.

I was on my way into Belmore Basin, the little harbor in Wollongong to meet a friend for lunch.

We had coffee in the Nonabel Cafe in the complex in the left of the picture below.


My friend J and I usually meet every school holidays for lunch. As usual we had a very pleasant time. We usually talk on the phone a couple of times a week during term time. We met at church a few years ago and we are both teachers.

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