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Friday, 7 October 2011


One handful of restful repose
Is better than two fistfuls of worried work.
( Ecclesiastes 4:6)

This verse from to day's Bible reading certainly makes sense to me. I am rather fond of restful repose. And not so fond of worried work. Unfortunately worried work begins again on Monday. But it will be the down hill run. The last term at my school always goes very quickly.

The fairy door

I added a couple of toadstools and a frog that daughter R gave me to my fairy door. They are ceramic.

This has given me an idea for the rest of this garden. It is just a very narrow strip a couple of centimeters deep that runs between the bottom of a wall and the edge of the drive way.

Mondo grass planted there struggled for a few years and just looked so scrappy I pulled it out. I have managed to grow some nasturtiums in part of it but even they will not grow up one end. So I may keep an eye out for other fairy items and "fairyscape" this bit of garden.

Miniature coriander garden

The miniature coriander garden has grown. Only two of the three seeds appear to have germinated.

So far so good. I don't even know how large coriander plants grow but I intend to keep snipping them so they stay small.

 Flying pigs

I bought this pattern for a stuffed flying pig. 

I came across it at Wilsons Etsy shop. I just couldn't resist it. It is just so cute and links up with the flying pigs Daughter R created for my banner. 

I don't think I've used my sewing machine for close to 6 years so I am hoping that it still works. I plan to set up a permanent place for my sewing machine up in my craft room, but at the moment there is a lot more "craft" than "room".

I plan to make flying pigs for everyone for Christmas!  (And pigs might fly I can hear you saying.)

Interesting sites


Artist Billeos Achilleos turns Loius Viton handbags into a range of animals. He doesn't appear to damage the handbags at all. See this at


With the sad passing of Steve Jobs from Apple there has been tons about him on the internet, much of it very repetitive, but I really found this article In Remembrance of Steve Jobs: 11 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Him very interesting and inspiring.

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