Choose life. Life is wonderful.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Today I am home all day! I love my busy life but love a day just to potter. The sun is streaming through my bedroom windows. This is the view from my bed.

My mother tells me she would prefer fewer trees in my yard and have a better view of the mountains, but I love being  part of the bush.

I love waking up to the view of the trees in the morning. No matter what the weather, it is a beautiful view. I never stop appreciating it.

I have an interest in miniature gardens. This is the first I did. Very small and basic.

This gave me an idea when I saw a glass candle holder for sale for $5 in the  Salvation Army shop in Wollongong.

I have had some success growing Coleus  in glass on my windowsill so I have decided to give some Coriander a go. Lots of the recipes I use call for Coriander but sometimes only a small amount is needed and it is so expensive buying it by the bunch. It might seem more sensible to try planting it in the garden. I shall try that too at some stage but it is hard to find an area with enough sun in my yard. So I have decided to try a decorative little coriander garden on my windowsill.

I began by placing a layer of charcoal in the base of my candle holder.

Then I added a layer of spagnum moss .

I followed this with some potting mix. I only had potting mix designed for ferns but I'm sure it will do the job.

Finally  I added some landscaping- a couple of toadstools and rocks. Then I planted 3 seeds. According to the packet they should be 20cm apart, but I'll see how they go. I intend to keep the plants small.

I gave it a good water and then placed it on the windowsill.

Now I just have to wait for the plants to pop up. I considered putting a glass lid on it while the seeds germinate but decided that they might cook when the sun is at its strongest.

As I learn about blog writing I find that I need a tag line. I'm not quite sure where I will put it yet but I have decided to go with:  

Choose life. Life is wonderful.

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