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Saturday, 8 October 2011


Today the sky outside my window is bright blue with a few wispy clouds.

It is still a bit cool and there is quite a breeze blowing. My place is quite protected so I know that if it is windy here it the wind is quite strong elsewhere.

Art around the house

Today I am going to show you some insects and spiders made by Daughter R's partner B.

They are made using resistors which are soldered.

These usually sit in a glass bowl on my coffee table but they just didn't photograph well so I put them on the plate.

B is very clever and can turn his hand to all sorts of things.

Below is the front of my house.

As you can see it needs some sprucing.

I have been considering what colors to paint it - not the brick- the pergola and the guttering etc. The front wall (which is not in sight on the right) needs a new coat of paint also, but I am thinking maybe I could get some type of cladding to cover it in the same color as my garage door.

Below is the pergola area which has never been painted.

And my front door below.

I don't think this photo does my door justice. I think the color is actually a lot richer, but I plan to do it a tidier color.

I like the color scheme on the picture below. It is about the color of my garage door - maybe a touch lighter.

 I love the blue door below, but am not sure how it would go with the green.

If I decide what colors I am doing maybe I could look at getting it done in the Christmas holidays, when I have about 6 weeks off.

Interesting sites

This is a hotel in Patagonia. It looks just like a hotel for hobbits. Find more about it at

2. This site is just good fun. You have to draw a stick man  and follow the story through as you draw more bits and pieces . It is very cute. you will find it at                                     


This is a great site with tons of incredible street art on it. Find it at

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