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Sunday, 11 September 2011


A primal breakfast on the weekend consists of one low fat ginger and shallot pork sausage; herbed mushrooms; fried tomato; fried eggs; and a salad of rocket,capsicum and torn oregano.

This is so different to my usual breakfast of cereal and milk. I used to live on carbohydrates - cereal and bread (all whole grain), potatoes (still love them) and corn. I counted calories but most of my food was processed. Now I eat very little processed food. I have full cream milk; plenty of fresh fruit; tons of raw vegetables; eggs; lean meat and fish: nuts; and yoghurt. The primal diet includes fatty meats but I am not really game enough to try yet, although we did have some lamb shanks done in the slow cooker for tea.

P:-) is very fond of lamb shanks and cleans the bones, but I tend to skirt around the fatty parts and just eat the lean meat.

For lunch I cooked a tuna frittata .

This made it quite an eggy day, which I once would have avoided at all costs. It isn't long since I used to buy my eggs in half dozen lots and barely used those in a month. The thought of cholesterol hangs about the back of my mind, but the egg carton does have a Heart Foundation approved tick on it - and I really think this diet is working.

My jeans which I had bought on the internet and several weeks ago had not fitted are now comfortable enough to wear. And I haven't had to feel half dead to get them there.

My next aim is to cut out dairy products. People on this diet who cut out dairy products seem to lose weight faster. But I am very fond of milk in my coffee and eat a lot of yoghurt and frozen blueberries. I'm not quite sure if coconut milk or coconut cream would be a suitable replacement, but I shall give it a go.

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  1. I might go on the primal diet just because the food looks so good!