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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I arrived home today to find the first three editions of Vintage Caravan    magazine in my letterbox. It was lovely to flick through the pages and contemplate the beautifully restored vans. I am surprised there are enough of them in Australia to warrant a magazine.

I am a caravan convert. Not to big caravans -but to small caravans with character.

P:-) and I own a caravan and it has a lot of character. It pops up and pops out. It is probably old enough to be termed 'vintage'. It is 30 years old. We bought it unseen from Ebay. We have had it about a year now.

It folds down into a trailer and only weighs around 600 kilograms. The canvas is a bit worn but we intend to replace this at some stage.

It isn't the most beautiful caravan in the caravan parks but it is very cosy. It can sleep 5. 

There are two double beds that fold out at the ends, and provision for another bed when the table is collapsed.


There is very little storage room so it is still a lot like camping, but we are off the ground and unless the rain is extremely heavy and blown by a fierce wind, we are waterproof. 

There is something very attractive about pulling your house behind you and being self contained. 

We are still arranging and rearranging bits and pieces. It is an ongoing process and half the fun of caravanning is sitting around and figuring out improvements.

There is a water mark on the ceiling and I really want P:-) to let me paint some leafy vines over it but he is very hesitant. I'll have to let him read my Vintage Caravan  magazines just so he can see what is really possible in the world of caravan decorating.

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