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Monday, 26 September 2011


Today is day 2 of the holidays. I am concentrating on some tidying up today.

I went out to P:-)'s place this morning. For lunch I had one of his delicious chili tuna and cheese toasted sandwiches. While the two slices of bread are not strictly allowed on the primal diet, up to 150 grams of carbohydrate is allowable per day, although best avoided. Two slices of bread represents about 80 grams.

I was lucky enough to get the crust.

Art Around the House

I intend to do a type of inventory of both my daughters' art works that I have hanging in my house. I think this will be an interesting exercise because I have just become so used to looking at the artwork around that I barely notice it. This will make me really look at each piece.

This is one that Daughter J did many years ago. It hangs on my dining room wall. (My dining room wall is not covered in looped matting. I took the picture down and placed it on the floor to avoid  glare in the photograph.)

It is one of her more colorful paintings. J's palette is usually one of blacks and greys. Most of her work now is sculptures.

I am experimenting with the size of the images on this blog. These are larger than usual. I am not sure about them. I don't think they look quite as sharp as the smaller ones but I have noticed that most blogs I read have the larger images.

I use a Canon Ixus 70.  Perhaps I shall need to invest in a digital SLR to achieve the best effects.

What do you think? Larger or smaller? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



  1. the images / links to the bullet train story try to make me signup for some newsletter .. better to save the pics and upload them rather than hyperlink to them. if your worried about copyright just put a small link to the original under the picture. as for the size of the pictures i think as long as they are clear it doesn't really matter on the size

  2. Thank you for the comment and advice. i need all the help I can get.


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