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Thursday, 29 September 2011


Today I drove my mother down to Nowra where her sister, my Aunt, lives in a nursing home. She turned 90 a few weeks ago and we gave her this cute ceramic frog for her balcony garden as part of her birthday present.

My Aunt lives in a very pleasant nursing home with a beautiful stained glass panel at the front entrance.

It was a lovely day so we enjoyed the drive.

I visited P:-) in the afternoon. and photographed this at his place. Can you guess what this is?


It is a beaded spider I made for P:-) at school. I teach the students to make them .

The spider above is the size of a fifty cent piece.

When I come home at night it is lovely to have a special light shining in the window. Daughter R and partner B gave me this great toadstool lamp for my birthday. It isn't solar but has a light detector so that it comes on automatically at night.

My mother gave me another toadstool lamp which was very different to the one above. It is a more traditional lamp, but just as lovely.

I love both these lamps. They fit in well with my toadstool collection.

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