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Monday, 26 September 2011


The rain stopped today but there was still some dampness around.

It is the first day of my school holidays. I have a lot to do organizing schoolwork for next term and organizing my house. I need to make some space in case Daughter R and Partner B along with my Grand-dog Jasper, need to move in temporarily. This won't take a lot of reorganization - just a bit of tweaking. But the cooler weather has turned me into a bit of a sloth. 

P:-) fixed the door into my garage so I could put my Tower 200  up again. He didn't stay long. He was off to the Helensburgh house of his daughter and son-in-law to help with the gyp-rocking.

I had been using this earlier in the year - not to any great effect, but I am keen to get started again. It is surprisingly difficult and will take some time to work my way up to many exercises. Last time I didn't get past the first exercise before my knee became sore, but this time I hope to progress further. I plan to add a new exercise in each week and eventually be able to do the 11 minute workout allowing myself unlimited time, working up to completing it in 11 minutes. So my plan is the exercise! Exercise!

Walking with Daughter R has not been possible for the last week or so, but we plan to get back to that again too. Not only is it good exercise but it gives us a chance to chat.

I came across  a couple of interesting sites  this week.One site shows a huge mural that has been made with bottle tops.

The other site has an artist intricately sculpting rubber tyres.

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