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Sunday, 13 July 2014


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My first post for over a month! This is the longest time I have gone between posts since I started blogging 3 years ago. I've been a bit brain-dead.

Winter has finally set in. Although sometimes it is bleak, I still love the view out my back window. I love living in the trees.

Casuarina outside my window

Hairpin Banksia at the base of my casuarina

The trunk of the casuarina is covered in Lichen.

Jasper the grand-dog is snuggled under a quilt.

Jasper under a quilt

Jasper keeping warm.

I go down to my daughter's house- just a few minutes away - on Mondays, to put out her garbage bin. She is away for three months, travelling around Australia in a 4WD and caravan. I put her bin out every week so it looks as if there is somebody there, and take it in on Tuesday.

Even though it is winter the hibiscus in her yard have beautiful bright blooms.
My daughter thinks these hibiscus flowers are gaudy but I don't think there is such thing as a gaudy flower.

P:-) and I attended a funeral on Friday - down near Nowra. I was amused to see this sign in the cemetery gardens.

Warning at memorial gardens.

It was a fairly new area, with lots of bushland around, but we didn't manage to see a snake. I do think it was too cold. Snakes are cold-blooded and need warmth to become active.

It was a pleasant drive down to Nowra as it always is.

We followed the expressway around the outskirts of  Kiama.



 Then turned off the highway to travel through the sleepy town of Geringong.


We continued on from Geringong, past the golf course....

Geringong golf course.
....and then down to Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach

I am pleased to be back on track with my blog. Writing each post helps me to see the positives in life.

Interesting sites

 Treehouse over water

Photo source
Treehouse Solling is located beside an old forester’s house in a small valley in Lower Saxony. It stands on stilts without relying on trees for structural support, and it measures almost 400 sq ft over two levels. Click here to read more.

 Dam building threat to Amazon

Photo source

According to a new report, a wave of dam building threatens the Amazon river and five of the six main head rivers in the Andes drainage area, which could permanently destroy the open flow of rivers for countries that use the water.  Click here to read more.

Mar Chiquita, or Little Sea

Photo source
Mar Chiquita, or Little Sea, is a small beach in a protected cove near the eastern end of a long rocky wall exposed on the coast of Manatí in northern Puerto Rico, about 40 kilometers west of San Juan. The oval shaped beach lies behind the rocky wall in a small cove protected from the rough Atlantic. Click here to read more.


  1. I too enjoy seeing the various things in the garden. I am fascinated by these yellow/orange 'mushrooms' that are cropping up in places under trees.

  2. Nice to see Jasper the grandog is getting plenty of exercise while he is staying with his Grandma!