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Monday, 28 July 2014


Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.

 Marcus Aurelius

The future can be a disturbing thing. I had my life mapped out when 10 years ago my husband dropped a bomb-shell and left what I thought was our very happy marriage of 30 years. He had met someone else. Wow! What a life changer. Everything changed. I lost my best friend. Everything changed emotionally - not to mention financially. I felt totally alone and I hardly knew what to do from one minute to the next.

But 10 years on I have built a new life. I learned that I am a much stronger person than I thought. Now the future never seems fixed for me. I have learned how things can change in a heart beat. But I have learned what things are important. And I have learned that I have the skills and the faith to get me through anything.

And I needed them when I was unexpectedly made redundant at the age of 58 - 2 years ago. After a year of uncertainty where it looked as if I would have to sell my house, with a lot of belt tightening, things have worked out far...

I no longer have a future mapped out. I take everything a day at a time and try to enjoy the small moments and know that with God's help I can deal with whatever comes my way.

A nice thing that came my way last week was an unexpected trip to Merry Beach with P:-) and his daughter M, son-in-law B,  grand-daughter S and a little niece J.

We were camped right on the beach front, and the evening we arrived there was a beautiful sunset.

Sunset from our awning.

Sunset from our awning
The sea was calm and the evening still.

Our first day the pleasant weather carried over. This photo below was taken just after we saw a pair of whales out to sea.

Flat sea on Day 1.

The next day the wind came up and the placid sea became rolling waves.

Big sea on Day 2

Rolling waves

One of the pleasant features of Merry Beach is the large number of kangaroos that frequent the camping area.

Kangaroos in  caravan park

Every now and then one can be spotted on the beach.

Kangaroo at the beach

The kangaroos have to be watched around the camp as they like to get into the food and garbage. Below is a picture of one taken through M and B's caravan window at night as it forages around outside our caravan. 

Kangaroo outside our caravan at night.
 The picture is a bit grainy, taken through glass and in the caravan night light.

Our caravan stood up well in the wind. One metal strut came unbolted but P:-) managed to fix it.

Our caravan at Merry Beach

We got the brunt of the wind since we were right on the beach front.

The girls enjoyed watching the ducks.

S,M and J watching the ducks

We had a lovely time. The weather wasn't great but our caravan is cosy. I am looking forward to our next trip.

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  1. I love your attitude. God teaches us to rely on Him. Nothing about life is a certainty other than His love and grace. When we keep focused on Him, we know that our future is secure and we can take pleasure in the sight of sunsets & kanagroos and unexpected trips. God has brought P into your life at this point for a purpose. Continue to enjoy the blessings as they come. We learn to bend or else we break.

  2. Beautiful photos! And it's great that your van stood up to all that wind! I would be scared to see if mine could!!

  3. I love the spot you were camped. Such a great spot to witness the changing moods and colours of the ocean.


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