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Monday, 9 June 2014


 The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination. 
Maya Angelou

It has been a busy week and I have had trouble with my internet connection as I am changing providers. Luckily, I have a wonderful brother who spent many hours working on it and finally found a solution. In the end it turned out to be a fault at Telstra's end.

Anyway, I am a bit late getting this post out. 

We have had some beautiful weather. I took this photo from my back deck yesterday.

The sun through the trees at my back deck.
We have had our warmest autumn on record and over a week into winter are still experiencing above average temperatures. This has been great for me. I don't have particularly good heating so I have really appreciated the warm weather.

My daughter R is currently at Mount Isa, in Queensland. So Jasper, my grand-dog is still here with me. He is great company, although very spoiled, and I am probably the worst offender.

He is a Miniature Foxie and very cute.

I had another sewing lesson at Vera's Machine Centre in Fairy Meadow.

Vera's Machine Centre
I am surprised at how long it has taken me to learn to use the functions of my machine. Is it because I am approaching 60?

(Since I was made redundant from my job of teaching teenagers with major behavioural problems I have had certain people suggest I should do some upgrading of my psychology skills and become a registered psychologist.  I did my Masters degree 20 years ago and I would really need to upgrade quite a bit to be registered. All of this would take a few years. Besides costing a fortune, which I do not have, I really do not feel like studying that hard any more. I don't know if I could.)

Anyway, I can now sew my name and do a variety of fancy stitches which I hope to incorporate into some of my felt work. It did take me 2 lessons instead of the 1 lesson usually provided but I got there in the end.

Because of the warm weather my paper bark trees in my front garden have been tricked into flowering only a couple of months after their last flush.

Paperbark trees

They are very pretty but too high up to pick.

My brother Geoff has a lawn mowing business in the Illawarra area. He loves his work and takes great pride in it. He doesn't just mow lawns - he tends them.


Instead of a single price per mow, Geoff charges an average of $100 per month during the warmer months of the year, less during the cooler months.  For this he will maintain your lawn and do his best to keep it looking at its best. For your monthly payment you will receive at least 2 mows.  You will usually receive 3 or 4 or more, depending on the weather. Geoff will negotiate a price with you and then he will do his best to keep your lawn looking lush, smooth and green. 

While he is not a horticulturist, Geoff will do weeding, pruning and other gardening maintenance. 

If you are interested in giving Geoff a try you can reach him on:
 0466 955 135.

Or contact him via email at: 

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  1. Beautiful pictures and i love your granddog. I would spoil him too!

  2. hi Lindy, Hope R. is having fun we are keeping tabs on her facebook site. I also have a new machine and had some lessons at Vera's.