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Thursday, 6 February 2014


When you're hurt by someone you love, 
something happens...The chemistry of your
insides is disrupted and you're never quite the 
same. Your heart has a tick to it, a skip in beats
every now and then. Your stomach has a
permanent knot in it for quite some time
afterwards. And your soul, well your soul takes
quite a beating. It's damaged and scarred; but it
doesn't mean you're dead. And then someday,
just out of the blue, when you're least expecting
it... you'll feel a little better. Then a little better,
 and then  all at once you'll feel whole again...
Jordan Sarah Weatherhead
Author of "Naked Truth"
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I read this and I thought how true it was. Eight years ago my marriage of 30 years to my soul-mate ended to my surprise and extreme sadness. For 8 weeks I would wake up each day, remember I was alone, and cry. I thought I would cry forever, but then one day after 8 weeks I woke up and I didn't cry. It was a long road to wholeness, but three years later I met P:-). My soul will be forever scarred, but now I know I can be happy again. The words of Jordan Sarah Weatherhead really resonated with me.

Love vintage images.Separation of ideas is a great excuse to use one that has no relevance to anything.

P:-) and I planned a small trip away this week but P:-)'s van needed a clutch replaced so P-) spent the spare time putting new lights on the caravan. They are very bright and he has rigged them up in such a way that they can be turned on without the top being wound up. This will be great when we are setting up in the dark.

If we were in England we could say P:-)'s backyard was a wild flower meadow. Unfortunately dandelions are weeds in Australia so it makes this unmown grass a field of weeds. P:-) was not particularly happy having his backyard photographed in such a state but I think it is extremely pretty.

Fancy having fossils on your front stairs. P:-) does. His front stairs are slate and have these fossils of ferns embedded in them. They are really quite beautiful. I would love to know their age.

I finished this owl cushion for a friend's birthday. She was extremely happy with it. So was I. I managed to make this on my new sewing machine with no major damage to my fingers! The felt appliques were done by hand.

If you use embroidery thread sold in skeins this is a great hint. Use wooden clothes pegs as bobbins.

I came across this idea on Pinterest and it has been really handy in organizing my mess of embroidery cottons.

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  1. That poem resonates with me too, though my pain is nothing compared to yours, the betrayal of a very close friend leaves a scar that will always be there though the bitterness has left thankfully. I love you owl. I made some similar but as heat packs see them here with a tutorial We will be down at Kangaroo Valley this coming week if you and P can join us for even part of it, that would be great!!!

  2. P did a great job on those lights! very impressive!!