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Thursday, 13 February 2014


While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. 

Angela Schwindt

As I have been going through stuff to go in my new craft room, I came across these drawings that I must have done at least 14 years ago. The first one is of Narooma on the western side of the bridge and my daughters are canoeing across the river.

This picture below is a drawing of one of the palm trees outside the West Wollongong TAFE. My daughter was studying Fine Arts and I often used to wait for her in the car.

With the cut backs of the current state government there is no longer an Art Faculty at West Wollongong TAFE which is really a shame.

I noticed on Sunday morning that the cicadas had gone. I don't know when they stopped their loud chirping. I just noticed that on Sunday, when it was light, they didn't start.

After living underground for 7 weeks cicadas only live a few weeks above ground. We are in the last weeks of summer so I guess their time is up. There are dead cicadas all over my yard.

Later on Sunday P:-) and I visited Autorama, a local car show.

P:-)'s knowledge of cars astounds me. He just has to see part of an old car flash by  in a movie to be able to refognise it.

My favourite exhibit at the show is below.

It was a pig!
This was the cutest little piglet at the little children's patting zoo. I would have loved to have had a nurse but didn't want to line up with the kids. I just loved it, but I don't think it was a miniature so no doubt it will grow to be very big. P:-)'s daughter M was very keen to adopt a miniature pot-bellied pig a couple of years ago and went to visit some in  Taree But it turned out that the local council here does not allow suburban residences to keep  pigs - even  miniature ones, which is a bit of a shame. If not I would definitely get one!

I made a big mistake on Saturday morning!

I decided I was going to lighten my hair colour, Sienna, to Ombre. In fact I decided to go for the 'wild Ombre look' as it said on the packet. I didn't really want wild. It didn't look all that wild on the picture. I wanted a slight change - a shade lighter - all over. Sure it did say that it was suitable for dark blonde to mid-brown and my hair colour is definitely dark brown, and it was for highlights, but I thought it would work OK.

Well. It didn't work OK! I ended up with a blonde section down the top of my head, and a slight reddish streak radiating from that on for about 6 centimetres on either side. I looked like a mis-coloured skunk. Instead of my hair being Wild Ombre it was Wild Skunk

Luckily P:-) wasn't coming until later in the afternoon. And luckily I had some of my original colour I could redo my hair with. Most of my hair, except the top, had stayed Sienna. I wanted it all back to Sienna. I would have to wait until it dried to put the next dye through. It was already 12 pm. My hair is long and takes about 4 hours to dry.  I couldn't wait until the next day as P:-) and I were going out in the morning and I didn't think  P:-) would want to be accompanied by a woman who looked as if she was wearing a discoloured skunk on her head.

At 3:30 I was ready to go again. How pleased was I when I rinsed the dye out and my hair was all back to brown- just good old plain brown.

What did I learn? I learned that if I am going to go lighter I am going to need professional help. Also I shouldn't have bought those 3 packets of Ombre before I had tried it, even if they were on special. If anybody wants to try Ombre, let me know. I have 3 packets going spare.

What else did I learn this week?

The other thing I learned this week was to be careful with sweet potato in the microwave. Below is a photo of a sweet potato tower. I managed to turn some pieces of sweet potato into cinder blocks. These pieces of sweet potato are just balanced on each other like blocks. They are solid - cooked to a crisp.

I usually bake sweet potato in the oven. To cut a long story short I  was in a hurry, sliced up some sweet potato and ended up microwaving it for a total of 15 minutes. Too long! I opened the door and smoke poured out. I was lucky the microwave didn't catch alight. Even though I opened all the windows, the house smelled of smoke for days.

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