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Friday, 3 May 2013


This is my new adage - all you need is less.

Until this year I was a teacher at a small school for students with behaviour problems. But our school closed and I was made redundant. I am 58 and don't see much prospect of another job. I am not entitled to an old age pension for another 8 years and the welfare payments I am entitled to will not be enough to live on. So I am selling my house and at this stage plan to move in with my mother and brother - for a while at least.

The problem is that I have a four bedroom house and lots of stuff. So I must cull, cull, cull! Much of my excess stuff to date has gone to the Salvation Army. It is actually quite liberating divesting myself of a lot of unneeded stuff put away for a rainy day.

My House
My lovely P:-) has been putting plasterboard on my back room and my wonderful brother G spent a day helping him do the ceiling. My daughter R came to help as well..

Here are some photos to give you the idea of how the room is looking.

The new walls frame the trees outside very nicely.

Meanwhile I made another couple of practice cakes  for daughter R's wedding which is only 10 days away. I made a vegan carrot cake which was a bit dry and then this non-vegan carrot cake which worked out well.

This is Curtis Stone's carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It is made as per the recipe except that I used dark brown sugar instead of raw sugar and cooked it in a round tin instead of a loaf tin. It was really good so I shall practise making a double layer one.

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  1. The room looks great! so impressed with the work of P and G - the walls went up so quickly!