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Wednesday, 15 May 2013


My younger daughter R was married yesterday morning. It was a very small ceremony with 5 guests in the registry office in Wollongong.

Afterwards we had lunch for 10 at Litani's, a local Lebanese restaurant. We decorated simply with a few balloons....

...and a carrot cake which I made with a pair of felt mice for toppers.

 I will give the recipe for the cake and the link for the mice pattern in my next post.

Daughter R had  beautiful engagement and wedding rings designed and made by a family member  Penny at Meakins Jewellery.

The groom also had his ring designed and made by Penny.

The wedding and celebration were just as they wanted them - low key and very simple.The groom made a special effort and wore closed shoes. It was a very special day.

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  1. Your daughter's wedding sounds just perfect to me. There's so much hoo-haa involved in weddings these days, not to mention the expense.

    And carrot cake - yummy!