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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Something wonderful happened to me todayMy antique bible (see my last post) sold on Ebay for $49 plus $20 postage.  I bought it for $6 so this is a good profit.

This is pretty exciting. I had it listed for 7 days and only got any bids on the last day. I wasn't expecting a single bid. I was so excited I couldn't sleep!

In some ways I shall be sad to see it go as I have a small collection of old books procured over the years, but parting with these is going to be part of my downsizing.
This first success will spur me on to sell some other old books.

On Wednesday I went to a new friend's place for morning tea. I wasn't sure what to take. I didn't want to buy food as I knew the others, like myself, were watching their diets. I didn't have any flowers in my garden and buying a bunch was going to be over the top. So I decided to take her a few  toadstools I had made  to put in a pot plant or in the garden.

These are small polymer clay toadstools set on  wooden skewers so they can be stuck into the dirt. At one stage I made hundreds of these but now have limited colours left. My friend was very pleased with them.

But the best thing that happened during the week was my wonderful brother returning from Canada where he had been for 4 months. We went to Mascot airport on Thursday morning to pick him up. It is lovely having him home although he has had some difficulty readjusting to the climate after the freezing weather in Canada.

On Sunday we enjoyed a picnic for P:-)'s granddaughter's 1st birthday. The drive up to Engadine was about 40 minutes and it was beautiful driving weather.

F6 Freeway
The birthday picnic was held at the Cooper Street Reserve in Engadine, one of the outer Southern suburbs of Sydney.

Cooper Street Reserve

 Today I went to Centrelink, taking my Separation from Employment Certificate finally received from my employer. I found out that I will be entitled to some welfare benefits in October. I shall have to watch my pennies but I am just enjoying not working so much that I don't care.

I am kept very busy pottering around the house with so many things that had been let go before. I have much more time to spend with my daughters and mother, as well as P:-) which is great. I am very grateful for the way things are turning out. It is something wonderful.

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  1. aawww ... well your wonderful brother is so proud of his wonderful sister for selling that bible at such a profit! Are you hooked on eBay now as a seller too? XOXOXOX