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Monday, 8 April 2013


Daylight Saving finished. It was lovely to have an extra hour in bed and to get up in the light. It will also mean the evenings are darker sooner and then it really seems as if winter is on the way.

Here is a photo from my back window this morning.

Having the greenery so close makes me feel as if I live in the trees.

Today is slightly overcast and there is the rumble of thunder in the distance

P:-) has put all the plasterboard on the walls of my backroom, with the help of little Jasper. The ceiling still has to be done.

It will certainly be a relief when this room is finished. 

I will call an estate agent in to value the house and to advise me what should be done in order to make selling it the most profitable. I have been happy living in it as it is but prospective owners may expect more.

Things are falling into place. My past employers finally sent me a Separation From Employment certificate. This means I can take it to Centrelink and find out my exact entitlements.

I have a few old books that I won't be able to keep so I am going to try selling them on Ebay.
The first one is on old Bible published 1879.

 I love old books and I bought this old Bible for a few dollars at the Salvation Army some years ago. 

It does not appear to be the King James version, but something very similar.

This is only the second time I have sold something on Ebay and I didn't do a very good ad, so I shall probably relist it after a week with some more details and better written.

If you would like to see the listing click here.

  Interesting sites


Modular research station moved on skis
Photo source

Halley VI is the world's first modular research station that can be moved on skis. These modules are found at the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. These ski based modules were designed to respond to the rising snow and ice levels which have encased the last 5 research labs, the first of which was built in 1956. Click here to read more and see more photos. The interiors are especially fascinating.


Canada Geese
Photo source
If you like birds you will really enjoy these photos of Canada geese. Click here to see a range of interesting photos. Being from Australia I knew nothing about Canada Geese so found some interesting  information here.


Food we throw away
Photo source
In his blog, The Flying Tortoise discusses the amount of food we throw away while people are starving. He makes some interesting points. Click here to read his short article. 

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