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Friday, 5 April 2013


 When one bases their life on principle, 99 percent of their decisions are already made.
April already!
This is my favourite time of the year weather wise. My thoughts turn to camping but I don't think P:-) and I will get away for a while.

The herb garden is growing. My mother potted up some more herbs for me.

The first is lemon thyme.
Lemon thyme
The second is garlic chives.

Garlic chives
It is lovely being able to pick fresh herbs from my garden.

My herb garden

I now have basil, mint, thyme, lemon thyme and garlic chives.  I would still like rosemary, coriander, oregano, parsely and dill ... at least

P:-) continues working on my back room. Most of the leaking has been eliminated and P:-) has been continuing the gyprocking.

My back room

My little visitor is my granddog Jasper. My daughter R has gone away for a week and her dog Jasper has come to stay.

He is a cute little Miniature Foxie aged 5.

Jasper investigating

My house is a bit untidy. I am sorting lots of stuff out as I downsize and have just cleared out some wall units for the Salvation Army to take. So when I took the photos of Jasper there was a bit of stuff sitting around. Jasper and I get on very well together.

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  1. Have you got any more pictures of Jasper? The internet needs more Jaspers!