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Thursday, 21 February 2013


Well, I heard back from my job application that I sent yesterday. It seems they have had so many applications that they have already held interviews. They did apologise and said the ad should have been removed but it seems a little unfair. I feel a little annoyed by the fact that I spent time writing a cover letter and sending the application, not to mention my feeling of expectation and needing to get my daughter R to help me.

What have I learned? I will have to keep an eye on the Positions Vacant and apply faster. I will have to check out the Positions Vacant first thing tomorrow.

I feel a little bit disappointed. I hate rejection of any kind, but I guess that is just something I will just have to get used to if I am going to apply for jobs, especially at my age (although I only feel young - most of the time!)

In the garden

This morning I can hear the fairy wrens twittering outside. A pair of catbirds 
has begun visiting my sheoak in the back yard but I am finding it very difficult to get a photo of them. These are lovely green birds that made a noise like a yowling cat. 

The Sydney Water Gum in my garden has grown a lot of new foliage giving it a coverage of pink leaves. I have never seen the new growth so lush before.

Sydney Water Gum
Sydney Water Gum
My mint is growing well and I added a couple of polymer clay toadstools. I had a craze on making these at one stage and find them all around the house.

Toadstools and mint.

Interesting sites

Photo source
This is a tiny off-grid cabin in Maine, USA. A project 30 years in the making, this tiny retreat is almost entirely self-sufficient. Click here to read more and see some great pictures.


Photo source
This is really worth checking out. It is pictures of buildings made from found photos. Very strange and eerie.Click here to see them.

Photo source
This is the oldest known photo with a human being in it. Click here to have a closer look and read about it.

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