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Thursday, 21 February 2013


After I published this I noticed that the date was wrong. I'm not sure what has happened but this was posted 25th April 2013

I just trod on a leech! In my bare feet! Nothing remarkable about that except it was in my lounge room . P:-) has been down in my back yard and must have inadvertently picked it up and brought it inside for me to tread on. It is perfect leech weather. Rain and then sun.

It fascinates me to think of what the leeches live on when there is no human blood around. I know they don't have to eat very often - but what? Possums, mice or dare I say it -rats. .... ughhh. I hate rats, but I know they must be down there so close to the creek, although I have never seen one. Luckily there are some snakes around the place to keep them in check. I would rather have a snake in my house than a rat!

I guess that is it with the wildlife around the place. You have to take the good with the bad.

We had a day of teeming rain and my roof leaked again. P:-) has been working so hard on it. It was very disappointing. It is a lot better. But P:-) thinks he has finally found the leak.

While he was on the roof I was chatting to him through the ensuite window on the top level I took a couple of photos.

I am hoping that when I sell my house the surrounds and the views are going to make it appealing. I think it is a selling point, but I imagine some people are looking for manicured gardens.

I was doing some weeding in my garden and came across this seedling growing out of a fungus.

I'm not sure what type of fungus it is but I do find it interesting.

I am clearing out a lot of stuff as I am downsizing and moving house. It all comes down to culling and reculling. But I am definitely going to keep this little castle and dragon.

My daughter J made these when she was 15.

The time goes so quickly.
I think that the older you get the faster it goes.

Interesting sites

Photo source
Cove Park is an international centre based in Scotland for the arts and creative industries. Founded in 1999 , Cove Park’s annual program of residencies enables national and international artists, working in all art forms, to undertake research and develop new projects. Cove Park consists of unusual buildings in a beautiful setting. Click here, then click on 'Cave Tour' in the top right hand corner. Watch the slide show to see some interesting and beautiful photos.

Street Art Utopia  

Click here to see some great street art. This is really worth a look. 


Photo source
Click here  to see a video of a pod of 100,000 dolphins off the coast of California. This a a very short video and really worth looking at.

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