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Sunday, 24 February 2013


Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.  

Leo Tolstoy

I am an ex-teacher, made redundant after 15 years and living on a redundancy package. My future is uncertain, but I am trying to view the whole thing as an adventure. Time for a new life.

I checked out the Positions Vacant yesterday morning and found nothing relevant to me. The closest was a rehabilitation officer but the applicant needed to be registered. I have the relevant Psychology Degree but it is 15 years old and I am not registered. Registration as far as I remember involved working as a Psychologist for 2 years and undergoing  supervision and attending professional conferences etc. It's not just a matter of going and paying a fee. 

The other requirement was at least 1 year's experience and I have no experience in the area of rehabilitation.

There was also an ad for delivering flyers in letterboxes and I am vaguely interested in this. It is just that my back and knees are unreliable.

Perhaps I should be looking at organising some sort of craft business and Etsy shop.

Saving money

I am trying to cut expenses, so one night each week we have a vegetarian soup for tea. At the moment it is either cream of pumpkin soup (click to see the recipe on a past post) or cream of  broccoli soup - low fat of course. I bake pita chips in the oven to dip in.

Cream of pumpkin soup

Last week instead of me going to the hair dresser my daughter R cut about 4cm off my hair. As you will see from my profile picture my hair is just shoulder length and simple. She did a good job, and saved me about $26. I imagine every now and then I shall go to the hairdresser, just to keep it in a bit of a style and R will cut it for me in between times.

Caravan and Camping Exhibition

P:-) and I went to the Caravan and Camping Exhibition at Kembla Grange. This is a picture of it in the distance.

Caravan and Camping Exhibition

This is the row of caravans which is similar to ours, but none was as small as ours.
Pop out caravans.
There were very large vans there with ensuites and washing machines. But I was most interested in the little ones. Here are a few of them.

Electric roof top tent.

Tear drop caravan

Pop up and out trailer
This awning below looks as if it would be great for our caravan, so we may consider getting one.

And must say that even after seeing all the beautiful caravans at the exhibition I was not any less happy with ours. I think I was happier.

Here is is just to remind you.

Interesting sites

Photo source
I am fascinated by Tiny Houses. I was interested before I found out I would have to downsize. It seems that living a simple life without all the clutter I have would allow me more time to do what I want.   Click here to have a look at Yan's Tiny Tack House

Photo source
This is a picture of the Hidden Beach in the Marieta Islands Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Click here to see some beautiful and fascinating photos.


Photo source
 These beautiful glass acorn beads can be bought from  Bullseye Beads on Etsy. They are very reasonably priced. Click here to see them. 

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  1. Hi Lindy.

    Hoping that things will get better and that you will find what you are looking for.

    Your hair looks great, your daughter did a brilliant job- please send her here
    although she would probably die of the cold
    as it was snowing earlier!

    Love the caravans and I could certainly do with a bowl of that warm yummy soup.

    Have a good week