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Wednesday, 6 February 2013


"Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going.
No feeling is final."

Rainer Maria Rilke

"Trying to create a career, or to even figure out what you want that career to be, meeting new people, becoming a full, interesting and interested person, to fill your life with good things and keep going through the beauty and terror can feel so overwhelming.'  From Honey and Jam.

This is me - I swing from 'beauty' to 'terror'. One minute I think how lucky I am to be out of the classroom - to be able to start a new life. Next minute I panic. Will my money last? Will I be able to sell my house? I need to be working faster - sorting, culling, cleaning, painting. Sometimes I do feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel very excited.

P:-) and I are going away for a week in our caravan to Merry Beach on Monday. I am allowing myself this week and then I plan to get organised. I need to get a Separation of Employment form from my last employer; a detailed outline of the  financial package I received; and approach Centrelink about possible welfare payments. I need to start looking for some type of employment. And I really want to look at starting some type of craft business.

I have discovered Pinterest, which takes up far too much of my time but also gives me inspiration. Click here and you will see my Pinterest boards. When I figure out how I will link it to my blog.

Pin on Toadstool Pinterest board
Naming day

On Sunday P:-)'s granddaughter S had her naming day.

Little S on her Naming Day.
It was held in the gardens of Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea, in Southern Sydney. It was followed by morning tea in the cafe. It was just family and close friends.

P:-)'s eldest son M conducted the service and did a great job. This is a picture of M. I don't usually put people in my blogs but I'm sure he won't mind.

M conducting the Naming Day Service.
As part of the service M read out the beautiful old poem Desiderata which was lovely. We guests had written wishes for little S's future on paper butterflies. We read these out to her and then placed the butterflies in a box for her to keep.

Candle and paper butterflies

S's mother M and her grandmother had made a lovely cupcake arrangement for morning tea.

Naming Day cakes
It was a lovely ceremony. Very simple but very meaningful.

I write my blog with good friends in Canada in mind. They haven't been to Australia. I like to include some of the more mundane things and show them a little of my home life and environment. So I am showing you a picture of my front footpath which I have just mowed this morning, with a view up the street.

My freshly mowed footpath and view up the street

Interesting sites
Photo source
Just imagine seeing this out your window. This beautiful view is from Zumthor Vacation homes in Leis, Switzerland  Click here

Photo source
The beautiful Plitivice Lakes are in Croatia. This type of landscape is known as "karst topography." Click here to read all about it and see some beautiful pictures.

Photo source
This is a Compubody Sock. Knit it to give yourself privacy when you are using your laptop in public. Click here to read more.

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