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Monday, 4 February 2013


School has gone back and I am officially unemployed. For 15 years I have worked at a little school for teenagers with major behaviour problems. Now it has closed for funding  reasons and I am out of work. I have been a teacher (not always full time) for over 30 years , except for pockets of time where I home schooled my children.

Until last weekI was on leave or on holidays, but now I am without a job. At 58 the chances of my getting another job are slim, so I have a chance to start a new and simpler way of life.

I cannot receive any welfare payments (and this is not necessarily what I aspire to) until I have used up the money I received in my redundancy package, which I must say was not large.

I must admitI really think it was time for me to finish at my job. I loved the kids I worked with but had lost considerable enthusiasm and patience. Because of financial considerations I was not going to jump, but now that I have been pushed it is probably all for the best.

I live in a large house on my own, so have decided that my best option is to sell it - to eventually find somewhere smaller and create a small income stream.

My lovely life companion P:-) is a builder and is helping me to do repairs and line a back room with plasterboard.

I have been doing a lot of reading on Tiny Houses and downsizing and love the blog Rowdy Kittens by Tammy Strobel. Tammy is a young  woman who moved  into a Tiny House with her husband Logan. I have found her blog really inspiring.

Tammy's Tiny House (Photo Source)
I have a lot of 'stuff' and downsizing has really made me look at what is important. I have lots of things in my cupboards which I have not used for years and years, and probably never will. I had forgotten about a lot of it.

In the garden
P:-) and I have been working on the back yard, clearing a lot of syngonium or butterfly plant that has taken over.

Clearing syngonium
As I cleared I came across this extremely delicate toadstool.


 The birds nests ferns down under the trees have come through the hot weather staying remarkably green.

Birdsnest Ferns
I found an old gnome under some old pots. I don't remember this little fellow so I think he has has been lost for about 15 years, but he has a new home, next to the solar toadstools.

Old gnome

Down just outside my boundary and in my neighbour's yard is a brush turkey mound.  

There are a few brush turkeys that wander around the place. The eggs are kept warm in the mound which is tended by the male,

Interesting sites

Photo source
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Photo source
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Photo source
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