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Saturday, 9 February 2013


They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
Andy Warhol

As I write the aroma of onions and rosemary wafts over the house. It smells delicious. I am making a type of bolognaise for dinner and I am going to add some caramelized onions. Mmmm.........


Browning onions and rosemary.


 P:-) and I are off to Merry Beach tomorrow in our caravan, so this has meant getting organised.

 There was a problem with the caravan door and we needed a special part so we drove down to  Nowra to the Jayco caravan company.

The drive takes about an hour and is very pleasant. On the way we passed through the Kiama Bends and dairy properties. After all the rain it was very lush and green.


On the Kiama Bends

We traveled on to the small seaside town of Gerringong then onto Geroa and Seven Mile Beach.





Seven Mile Beach

From Seven Mile Beach we turned inland to follow the Shoalhaven River through more farmland before reaching the town of  Nowra.

Old silos by the Shoalhaven River

 Unfortunately the caravan part we needed was not available. Our caravan is over 30 years old and the newer versions are very different.  Anyway clever  P:-)  managed to improvise and repair the door which was broken. Thank goodness. I had visions of all types of wildlife coming in if it wasn't fixed.


Our caravan in the driveway

We bought our caravan a couple of years ago on Ebay. It is a little rough around the edges. P:-) has done a lot of work on it, adding extra lights and strengthening parts of the interior. One day we will get the canvas renewed.


Camping menu

 I do hate having to go grocery shopping when I am camping so I try and buy everything we will need before we go.


We plan to go for 6 nights and I have planned the following evening meals:


Monday             : Lean steak with fried onions, baked potatoes and salad

Tuesday            : Low fat pork sausages with ginger and shallots and salad.  

Wednesday       : Beef ravioli with spicy tomato sauce and green salad.

Thursday          : Tuna and stir through tomato pasta sauce and green salad.

Friday               : Chunky beef and vegetable soup

Saturday          : Toasted tuna and cheese sandwiches.


P:-) and I are watching our cholesterol so everything is low fat including the cheese and the soup.


We have a very small fridge in our caravan, and we can't fit enough food for a week in it, so as the days go by, the meals are made from ingredients which don't need to be refrigerated.

Breakfast will consist of Weetbix and tinned apricot halves. 


I have bought the groceries well before so I can freeze the meat, and give myself a day or 2 to get anything I have forgotten.  I always leave the fruit and vegetables for the last day so they stay fresh.


I used to go camping with no electricity with my children from the time they were 3 months of age.  That certainly did take some organisation.


And how did dinner turn out?  Great!




I added some low fat mince to the onions and browned it with some field mushrooms broken into pieces. I added a punnet of cherry tomatoes just because I had them and then some ready made spicy pepper bolognaise sauce. Served with pasta and topped off with some basil it was just delicious.

  And there's enough left for another meal when we come home in a week's time.


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  1. Dinner looks great!

    Wow I am so envious of your blue skies and sunshine.

    Have a lovely trip away.
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy


    ps you are so so organised,
    wish I was the same.


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