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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Isn't this so true?
Sometimes it is the small moments that we look back on and value.
Life is full of special, small moments. We have to make sure we don't let them slip away while we we look forward to the big events which may be few and far between.

That's one of the reasons I enjoy camping so much. It is a simple and perhaps not exciting type of  holiday but full of lovely small moments appreciating nature, like the times we just sat by the creek, watching the bird life and talking.

Creek by the caravan

Our caravan by the creek

One evening I was making toasted sandwiches and this kangaroo was extremely interested in the bread. Kangaroos are herbivores but turn into scavengers when there a people around. They have been known to eat chicken and meat at picnic areas. We didn't feed them. It is not good for their health and they can turn into pests.

Kangaroo eying off dinner
Here he is with his face right up to my camera.

Kangaroo getting very close
We spent the last couple of mornings relaxing at the beach.

Merry Beach

Merry Beach
Always on the look out for pretty flowers I couldn't resist taking a picture of this daisy in the gardens of the caravan park.

Daisy in the garden

All too soon it was time to leave. I felt a bit down coming home. It was nice to relax and not think about readying my house to sell. Coming home was a bit like facing the truth again.

The drive home was punctuated by patches of bush affected by bush fires a few weeks ago.

Burnt trees along the road.
It was quite eerie driving through the blackened trees.

 Well, I have sent my application in online for part time office work. So now I am waiting to hear back. I have no specific appropriate qualifications but plenty of wide ranging experience in all sorts of areas.

I am a lot less stressed now I am no longer working with badly behaved teenagers with problems, as I did in my last job. Although I felt I had a vocation for this, after 15 years I was becoming a bit tired and jaded.

Who knows what is around the corner for me. While it is all a bit scary, it is also exciting.

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