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Monday, 14 January 2013


 Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.
George E. Woodberry 

Art around the house.

As I continue to sort piles of folders and papers I came across there cute prints that my younger daughter R did many years ago, before cupcakes were so fashionable.

Cupcake print - ink on paper

Cupcake print - ink on paper
I think I was very spoiled with the amount of creativity at home in those days. I should have had these framed on the wall. I have packed them away for future reference.

The building

P:-) and I bought some 3 metre plasterboard just to practise maneuvering it into the house and down the stairs to the back room. It was very difficult. We both have bad backs and the thought of moving 15 more sheets, 10 of which will have to be 3.6 metres long is a bit daunting. We will have to give it some thought. I am thinking of hiring some young fit men to do the moving when the delivery finally comes.

However, P:-) did get the first length of plasterboard up so I just had to show you.

Plasterboard at end of backroom

A longer view of backroom
WOW! This room was begun before the beginning of the millennium. A divorce and lack of funds prevented it from being finished. P:-), a retired builder, is very generously finishing it for me.

The Helensburgh house

Over a year ago I wrote in my blog of P:-)'s daughter's house. This was how it looked.

September 2011
Helensburgh house interior Sept 2011.
Here is the house today. My mother provided M and B with the agapanthus plants which have settled in and begun to flower.

Helensburgh house January 2013.
View from verandah.
M and B have been in for over a year now. P:-) gave them a lot of help. This is an old miner's cottage and only has 4 small rooms - a bedroom, a lounge room, a very small kitchen and a bathroom. M and B now have a three month old baby and are very cramped but have begun adding on extensions.

In the garden

I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs but don't grow any at the moment. I use a lot of coriander (cilantro), basil, mint, parsley, rosemary and thyme. I have had herbs growing in the past but not had much success at my current house.

This time I have tried planting some basil in pots.

I have been moving the pots religiously into the sun and out of the sun and into the rain. It is mid-summer here in Australia so I am hoping the basil will take off and now that I have finished work I will be able to nurse it along.

I find it quite expensive buying herbs, and they have to be fresh so I am often popping out just to buy a bunch of herbs. So I am hoping my new plantings will save me some time and money.

This morning there was a great flock of cockatoos in the trees at the back of my house. I managed to photograph a few of them.

Cockatoos in trees

Cockatoos in tree
These birds are very noisy and a flock of them overhead is almost deafening. They make a harsh screeching sound.

I will finish with these pretty pictures of P:-)'s front lawn, which looks like a wild flower meadow in England.

This is not the aim of P:-) for his front yard. It is supposed to be a flat carpet of green lawn.

Even though dandelions are considered weeds here in Australia it is hard not to see the beauty in them.

 I don't think P:-) agrees. He thinks I am a bit crazy, but I think we should look for beauty and goodness wherever we  can find it - especially in the small things. I think it is good to remember that life is not made of milestones but of moments. (Anonymous)

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