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Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Happiness is all about savouring tiny pleasures.

Tammy Strobel

Yesterday the temperature rose to 42 degrees Celsius. It was very hot. Thank goodness it is so much cooler and overcast today- a pleasant 23 degrees.

Art around the house

 During my cleaning and sorting recently,  I have come across pieces of art done by my daughters over the years.

Tucked away in a pile of papers I found these pictures by my elder daughter J. These were probably done about 15 years ago when she was 18.

Early art by J

Early art by J

Early art by J

 J has always worked with organic shapes and earthy colours. Her most recent exhibition was highlighted in the post of Sunday, 18th November, Peltry and Pumpkin Soup.

The genesis of J's later work below can be seen in her earlier drawings above.

Work from J's most recent exhibition

Work from J's most recent exhibition.
 The building

P:-) continues to work on my back room.

 The batons have been put on the walls and ceiling, ready for the plaster board and now P:-) is working on electricals and has put in some temporary lights.



I cooked my first meal from Jamie's 15 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver. It was the Chicken Tikka Lentil, Spinach and Naan Salad on page 26.

It took me longer than 15 minutes to cook that was largely because I had to keep looking back at the recipe. But it was quite delicious.

Simplifying life

As part of my quest for simplifying my life I am tidying and culling.  One of my bedrooms is full of boxes of old school stuff (I used to be a teacher ) and other sundry stuff. Most of this has come from the backroom that P:-) is working on.

This is J's old bedroom. Once I have sorted everything out she will need to get rid of the books or move them to her flat. The books below are just a small proportion of her books.  

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