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Monday, 17 December 2012


Action makes more fortune than caution. 
 Charlotte Whitton

 Unfortunately not much action has taken place with Project 333 which was my quest to sort out my wardrobe which I wrote about in my last post. I have been so busy I haven't had time to move onto Day 2 - but watch this space.

This is my favourite time of year - the run-up to Christmas. But this year is very different for me. This year I will not be going back to work after the holidays. I have received my final paycheck. I have received a redundancy payment which I will have to live on for the next 8 months before there is any question of receiving unemployment benefits.

Life can change very quickly. This time last year I had no inkling that I would lose my job. I had imagined I would work for another 10 years until I was old enough to receive an old age pension. As it is I am in limbo - not old enough for a pension but too old for there to be much likelihood of employment.

On Thursday we - my mother, my daughter R, P:-), myself and the darling grand-dog Jasper- went for our weekly walk around Wollongong Harbour. It was a beautiful morning. For some reason there was a flock of gulls congregated in the shallows along the path.


The sun sparkled over the water at North Beach

North Beach
We walked for around 15 minutes to a coffee shop at the harbor, stopped for coffee and then walked back again.

The rest of Thursday and all day Friday I spent madly cooking. P:-)'s five children and their partners and his 4 granddaughters were coming for a pre-Christmas lunch at his place. I was cooking. This was part of my Christmas present to P:-). My big worry was not having enough food so as usual I over catered. But we had a lovely time.

P:-) has a smallish house but we enjoyed decorating it and setting the table.

Table set for lunch

Table decoration
We were lucky to have all of the family together. With such a clan, and some of them working on weekends, it doesn't happen very often. It was a lovely afternoon.

The four little granddaughters range in age from 3 years  to 8 weeks. So it was quite noisy, but in a lovely way.

 P:-) and I are very close and spend a lot of time together but for a number of reasons we currently live separately so meanwhile I hung a wreath on my front door. The wreath itself is plain and I decorate it. This year I just hung four silver ornaments on it and was quite happy with the effect.

Sunday was quite hot, reaching around 30 degrees and after being so busy for Thursday, Friday and Saturday P:-) and I spent most of the day dozing on and off in front of the television, filling up on leftovers. It had cooled down quite a bit by church time at 6 o'clock.

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