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Monday, 10 December 2012


...that best portion of a good man's life, his little, nameless, unremembered, acts of kindness and of love.

William Wordsworth




Today I started Project 333.  This is an e-course to help me sort out my clothes and wardrobe.

This is all in the cause of me downsizing to a smaller place.




Day One.

"Today you won't be reconstructing your closet, you'll be deconstructing your brain."


That's good. My brain needs deconstructing. I am currently reading a book called The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. It is about brain plasticity and the way brains can be changed and rewired. When it comes to clothes I need rewiring.


There are a number of questions to answer. 


What are your 3 favourite outfits?

Answer: I don't have any. I think I hate all my clothes.


What pieces in your closet would you never wear?

Answer: There are none I would never wear. They just don't fit.  


Why are they still there?

Answer: I plan they will fit some day.


Describe your lifestyle.

Answer: Fairly casual. No longer working but in and out a lot. Reasonably active. Don't do a lot of entertaining.


Do you create a different version of yourself through your clothing for your different activities?

Answer: (Lol) If only.     


Do you love a good sale?

Answer: Too much


Are there pieces in your closet that you got for 50% off but still have tags on?

Answer: Yes. I hate to try things on in shops and I hate to try them on when I bring them home in case they don't fit. And yes, when I eventually try them on,often they don't fit.


If you could start over and buy all new clothing, what items would you include in your list?

 Answer: I would buy good fitting jeans and black trousers. I have no idea what else.


I now have to sleep on these questions and go to a Private Facebook Group and share any revelations I get from my answers.


This is what I wrote on Facebook.

I answered the questions from Day 1 and discovered what a boring person I am in regard to clothes. (Lol) I will be interested to see if my answers change much over 3 months.

All in all Day 1 of Project 333 was quite good. I didn't actually have to do anything much.


 Harry the Hallway Lizard revisited

By the way, I popped a photo of Harry the Hallway Lizard (from my last post)  on Facebook and thanks to my niece A, discovered he is a Southern Leaf Tailed Gecko .






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