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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.
  Walter Anderson

I always find that if I have a problem, once I make a plan and start doing something about it I will always feel better. I have a natural tendency to put my head in the sand but often find that once I attack a problem it isn't as bad as I first thought.

Vintage Baby Santa Village
Time to decorate for Christmas. I always enjoy this

This year, because I will be moving somewhere smaller, I will be sorting decorations out and getting rid of quite a few. I plan for all my decorations to fit into this box below, including the Christmas tree. It is 49cm by 34cm by 24cm.

Decorations Box
I have bought a little  48cm tree for $11. It was already decorated. My old tree will be going to the Salvation Army store.

I dragged out my  stash of Christmas decorations.

The wreath (top left above) won't even fit into my proposed storage box so this will probably be the last year I will use it.

I plan to take some of my decorations to the Salvation Army Store so people will be able to buy them now and use them for Christmas.

I decorated my front hall with my glass decorations.

I am finding it really hard to get used to the idea that I am actually not working any more. I plan to get through Christmas and the New Year and then perhaps think of private tutoring. My specialty is helping young people with reading difficulties. I am trying very hard to think of this as a time of possibilities.

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  1. Totally agree that taking action is a great antidote for anxiety. And list making. List making is ace!

    I feel a little sad when I read about your downsizing. It's essential, I know - most of us could do with minimising our material possessions - but still...


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