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Sunday, 9 December 2012


 Not in rewards, but in the strength to strive, the blessing lies.
J. T. Towbridge  

Harry the Hall Lizard

I stepped into my front hall last night and nearly trod on this lizard standing stock still. He didn't even twitch when I used the camera flash on him.

I don't know what type of lizard it is. In 32 years of living here have never seen a lizard like this before. P:-) suggested that it looks like the type of lizard that drops its tail when confronted by danger, and I have to agree that his tail looks like a copy of his head.

Here is a slightly closer look. Until I looked closely I thought he was a dried leaf. He was about 10cm from nose tip to tail end.

By morning he had disappeared - probably back outside under my front door.

Flower fairies

As I go through all my stuff and sort it I come across many things I have forgotten. (I have been made redundant from my teaching job and will need to move to a smaller home and cull much of my stuff)

I made these naive flower fairies a few years ago and used them to decorate my Christmas tree. They have sat in a bowl in the cupboard ever since. The colours are so cheerful I thought they were worth a photo or two.

I was going to put these in the toy box we have at P:-)'s place for his grandchildren but on second thoughts I decided they were a bit sharp in places and probably not good for little mouths to suck so they were relegated to oblivion.

An e-course to help tidy the bedroom

I have signed up for Project 333 by Courtney

Photo source
 This is an e-course It is described as a 'minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with less and discover what is most important in your closet and your life.'

It is supposed to help you sort out your clothes and wardrobe. 

I need help. I am a hoarder by nature. I struggle with my weight and it has varied over the last few years. I went from pretty big to quite thin back to somewhere in the middle. I have kept my 'thin' clothes because I AM going to get thinner. I got rid of my really big clothes, or my Mum took them in so they fitted when I was thinner. I don't have a big cupboard and so I have to admit various piles of clothes sit around on the floor. Half of my clothes don't fit. I have to do something about this if I am going to down size my housing - I can't fit my clothes into the space I have now never mind smaller! But where to start? I hope Project 33 will help. It cost $19.95 and if it can inspire me it will be well worth it.

I will let you know how it goes.

Interesting sites

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 Colorful container restaurants popped up in London during the Design Festival. Click here to view some.


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 I love terrariums. Click here to view some lovely ones.


Photo source
Click here to checkout some interesting art work by Ben Heine with pencil drawings overlaid on coloured photos and paintings

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  1. Such a cute thing! Harry the Hall Lizard is a Leaf-Tailed Gecko. I hope he comes back to visit more!


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