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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


 Whether you believe you can do a thing or believe you can't, you are right.
Henry Ford 

Vintage graphic of moths
 I have been pottering around doing some cooking while P:-) hammers away in the backroom, preparing to line the ceiling. The smell of cut wood is lovely.

The whole thing is making me feel a bit stressed. Is P:-) going to be able to fix the leaks? Am I going to be able to sell the house? What if I can't sell the house before my money runs out?

I have been made redundant after teaching for 15 years at a small school for teenage students with behaviour disorders. The school has closed down for funding reasons.I have been offered plenty of casual teaching in mainstream school but to tell the truth I think I would hate it. I didn't like it when I did it 20 years ago to earn money as my children were growing up and I can't believe things will have improved

I completed a Master's Degree in Psychology around 17 years ago so I could move out of teaching but I unexpectedly I fell into my job at a small behaviour school about 15 years ago. I began volunteering there and loved it so much I decided to stay. I had specialised in child and adolescent psychology, and reading and reading disorder, so it was an ideal environment in which to use my skills. So I stayed rather then pursue a new career in Psychology. I can hardly believe my career has turned full circle and I have been offered casual teaching back in mainstream school again. (I still have nightmares about it after 20 years!)

Getting into psychology would mean retraining. I try to stay positive but to be realistic I think trying to break into a new career at my age would be very difficult, especially if I did a few years training. And I really don't feel like studying again. I enjoy spending my time with P:-) who has retired.

It is Jacaranda season and from my deck you can see a few purple Jacaranda flowers peeking through the leaves and branches.


Thus morning there was a lyrebird on my back deck.

While these birds look quite spectacular when their tail feathers are on display, they look quite drab otherwise. I haven't seen any lyrebirds around for a while. They copy the sounds of other birds and even cars and sirens.

It is raining softly today. The bark on a eucalyptus tree out the front is stripping off and it looks great in the rain.

The moisture brings out the rich colours in the bark.

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  1. It must be sad to have to sell your house (and leave your garden), but I'll keep my fingers crossed you can sell it before your money runs out.

    I love jacaranda. So pretty. They're not common down here though.

    The eucalyptus trees are shedding their bark here too. It looks like they've busted out because they grew too big.