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Friday, 23 November 2012



Anything you're good at contributes to happiness.
Bertrand Russell




Another week has passed so quickly. I cannot believe how fast the days are flying by. I had so many plans to get things done but I seem to be out so much.

P:-) has begun assembling materials to finish my back room.

Back room looking North.

Back room looking South

View from my back door into neighbour's yard
I plan to sell my house and P:-) is helping me get it ready. P:-) is a retired builder so really knows what he is doing.

In the quest to lower P:-)'s cholesterol I have begun investigating some new recipes. I cooked this banana bread which is quite tasty. It has no shortening in it and is very moist. It is found on the Heart Foundation site.

Banana Bread
You can find the recipe here. The recipe suggests it can be made with blueberries or raspberries to replace the grated apple so I plan to try raspberries next. Yummm!

P:-) and I are trying to increase our fitness so we have begun a plan of exercise. Each weekend we drive somewhere new to go for a walk. Last Sunday we decided to go to nearby Mount Kembla.

We took the Ring trail which was rated moderate. But it was straight down and straight up.It was very steep.

Mt Kembla Ring Trail
The worst part about walking down is knowing you are going to have to walk up again.
It was a very pretty track (although I did manage to collect a few leeches.)

Mossy rock and ferns
There was some great fungus although I do not know what is is called.

Fungus on dead branch
There was a lovely view from the lookout down to Lake Illawarra.

View from Mt Kembla to Lake Illawarra.
On Monday morning P:-), Mum, my daughter R and I, went for a walk along North Beach around Wollongong Harbour. The early morning sun glistened on the water.

North Beach in the early morning.

Of course my daughter's little dog Jasper (my Granddog) came along. I can't not post a photo of him. He is so cute.


Interesting sites

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