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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


 For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The school holidays are passing quickly. I have a large unfinished back room and P:-) has been helping me clear it. It leaks terribly and needs lining and P:-) is going to do this for me. It has become a type of storage room for school stuff and craft stuff mostly and much of it needs to be culled.

I have been made redundant from a teaching position and will need to sell my house and move somewhere smaller. This has made me re-frame my life perspective. It is very exciting in many ways.At this stage I plan to retire. I am 58 and can't see myself obtaining another teaching position at my age, in this area. But I do not intend to retire from life or from possibly setting up a small business in something I am interested in.

The moon viewed from P:-)'s front yard

Number 4 in the Keys to the Heart Series :

What are your values?

My values are based on Christian values. They can all be summed up with the Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have the, do unto you. I think many of the problems of the world could be solved if we all lived by this rule.

I believe in being kind to animals, and I must admit while I eat a mostly plant based diet I am not vegetarian but do buy free range products.

 I believe we should be considerate of the environment.

I needed to pop down to school to lock up for a colleague and was impressed by the callistemon tree which was in flower.

Australian native Callistemon



On Tuesday P:-) and I had coffee at  Wollongong Harbour (also known as Belmore Basin) with Mum, my daughter J, and my daughter R and her partner B. It was a beautiful spring day and the Harbour looked very pretty.

Wollongong Harbour

Wollongong Harbour
It was good to get together. I usually try to organise something in the holidays. Everybody seems to be so busy much of the time.

Interesting sites

photo source
Click here to check out this cave house in Oia, Greece. When you run over the photo arrows appear at the side to see more pictures.


Photo source
  Click here to see some beautiful photos of geometry in nature.

Photo source
  What a beautiful lamp. It opens up. Click here to see more.


  1. What is more Beautiful than relaxing with family..near the water..... xoxoxo

  2. Hi Lindy

    I am aorry that I haven't been visiting very often but I have just been so busy at home and at work, that I just couldn't fit blogging in to.

    I am glad that I have found time this morning to come and visit an see your lovely post
    with those amazing blue skies.

    I hope that you and family are well.

    I will try better to keep in touch.

    Take care

    x Fiona


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