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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Fortune favors the prepared mind. 
Louis Pasteur

 Question number 2 in the Keys to the Heart series is :

2)What makes you cry?

Not a lot of things make me cry. Some things make me really angry, like animal cruelty and child abuse. I am a really strong person. Memories can bring tears to my eyes - especially the memories of a full and happy home when my children were smaller and life held such promise. Now my children are grown up I live alone.

I am sad when my family is sad, or P:-) is sad.
But generally I am very happy.

Vintage Horse head
I am in the process of minimizing my possessions. I have a great tendency to collect things and save them just in case I need them. No more!

I read an article by Ashley on Real Life Minimalists and thought this was a useful quote for me.

Minimize your possessions to fit your actual lifestyle. Not your past lifestyle, not your future lifestyle, and not.......... your fantasy lifestyle, but your actual lifestyle.

I was excited to see a king parrot sitting just outside the window at my computer.

King Parrot
King Parrot

King Parrot

Yesterday I went and chose some wool to knit some teddy bears for P:-)'s 3 granddaughters.

The pattern I am using is a system of squares and rectangles all cleverly put together to make bears. New wool makes me very keen to knit.

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