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Sunday, 16 September 2012



The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the dominance of outward conditions.  

Robert Louis Stevenson

I like to read the work of John C. Maxwell. I find it very positive and thoughtful. I read The Maxwell Daily Reader.

A recent entry suggested that the following questions would help 'find the keys' to people's hearts. These questions were:

  1. What do you dream about?
  2. What do you cry about?
  3. What do you sing about?
  4. What are your values?
  5. What are your strengths?
  6. What is your temperament?
I decided to really think about these for myself and thought I might share the answers with you in my next few posts.

1. What do I dream about?

I dream about freedom. I would like to break free of my job, which will happen in 3 months time. I would like to be free of my insecurities, although I think being a Christian, is very helpful in this area. I would like to be free of some memories that make me sad. I would like to be free of all my clutter which I am working on as I prepare to sell my house.

I dream about running a small craft business with my daughter R and (I dream about being thin and not hungry.)

I am lucky. My dreams are mainly do-able. In a sense my being made redundant from my teaching job, has opened up the path for new things - things I would never have left the security of a well paying job to pursue.

I am taking the first practical steps to fulfil my dreams. Step one is to clear out my back room so it can be completed. It needs to be lined. P:-) has promised to do this for me. He is a retired builder. I can see things are starting to come together. This has meant going through a lot of clutter and sorting. I am making a big pile for the Salvation Army.

So that is what I dream about. Not big dreams. My big dream would be to buy a house each for my 2 daughters, but that is just a pipe dream.

So it is quite exciting being on the verge of a new life, even if not by choice, and working towards my dreams.
Vintage image of bunny

I stopped to post a letter a few days ago. The light shimmery haze as I looked down the mountain and over the sea, reminded me of hot summer days. Spring is certainly here.

Looking down towards the Tasman Sea

We said goodbye to P:-)'s old van. I found it quite sad. It had taken us on  a few good trips - one around Victoria - and never missed a beat. It was  Toyota Townace.

P:-)'s old van.
We picked up P:-)'s new van - a Toyota Hiace. It is lovely - like new - and with a lot more power than the old van.

P:-)'s new van.
The new van will be great for pulling our caravan. That was the main reason for getting it.

 As we were heading out the other afternoon, I snapped these photos of the windscreen.

Afternoon sun through windscreen,

Afternoon sun through windscreen.

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  1. I dream about buying houses for my children too!

    I dream about being thin and not hungry also.

    Hope you get that room cleared.

    I love those sunny pictures.

    It is raining and cold here today
    and I have lit the fire!

    Have a lovely week.

  2. it may sound smooshy but my big dream is that you get your big dreams and that your content :)

    on a more selfish note i dream about sercurity, relaxation and happiness, not being so scared of ... well everything... and maybe to be not so lazy :)

    Those photos are awsome! i really love them!

    - R


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