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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.
Lucy Maud Montgomery

It is really important to give things a go. Most of the regrets in my life are not so much things I have done, but things I haven't done. Last year I lost some money on an internet business scam. It took a while to recover from it financially but I learned a lot. I am pleased I gave it a go. Now as my life is changing with the prospect of my redundancy I feel this is going to be another time to give things a try - maybe think outside the square.

Vintage violet.
I have meant to write more blog entries but I seem to have been quite busy lately. I seem to be only managing a weekly post. I must get more organized.

The weekend was quiet again. On Saturday P:-) and I had coffee at one of the little coffee shops down at Balgownie shopping center.

View from the coffee shop.

I had a piece of sour cherry loaf and P:-) had a piece of choc-malt slice.

I am very careful about my diet, but this was lunch so it wasn't too bad. I have to have some treats.
I just had to photograph the chocolate  freckle that came on the coffee spoon.

Chocolate freckle.

We came home to find a sulfur crested cockatoo in the blossom trees on the footpath, slicing off pieces of blossom with his sharp beak. 

Cockatoo in the ornamental plum

I am a teacher. A couple of months ago I suddenly found I was being made redundant at the end of the year. Today I went to see a financial adviser. He was really helpful. What I need to do is decide whether I want to retire or try to find another job, which is going to be difficult at my age. He gave me a lot to think about. I am most likely going to have to sell my house which will be hard. I have lived here for 32 years and I love my yard, it is also a base for my daughters J and R. They no longer live at home but because they rent, and circumstances will make this the case for the foreseeable future, they have stored a lot of their stuff in my house. R especially has had some bad luck with rental properties being sold out from under her and seems to move around a bit. She sees my house - her old home- as her home base. 

Life isn't simple. But I am quite excited at the possibility of retiring. I would love to spend more time on craft - especially sewing, which I have done very little of since I began working full time 7 years ago.

Anyway, I will keep you posted.

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  1. Hi Lindy,

    Love the visit to the coffee shop
    it was great seeing how things are on
    your side of the world.

    Don't worry about blogging, do it when it suits you.
    I blog once a week (rarely more) because
    "real life" gets in the way and I couldn't really spend anymore time at the computer
    than I do.
    Once a week works fine for me.

    Sometimes I find I visit blogs and they post everyday. I can't comment everyday and so the enjoyment goes out of it.

    Do what suits you.

    I am wishing you the very best in the future
    I hope that you reach a decision that suits you.
    It is difficult for you but fingers crossed!

    Have a good week, hope the weather is nice
    it is sunny today in Ireland which is great
    I'm hopin it lasts.


  2. ps Lindy.

    Just to let you know that it might be a good idea to get rid of the word verification
    as it really puts people off when commenting.

    Just go into -

    - Settings
    - posts and comments
    - word verification - tick no box
    and save.

    It is a pet hate of a lot of bloggers
    and was pointed out to me when I started
    and a good tip.

    Thanks for visiting me today!

    ~ Fiona

  3. Oh, how sad that you might have to sell your house after 32 years! I hope it doesn't come to that.

    I like the freckle!

  4. Retirement sounds fun, but I am not good with change and leaving my home would be very hard for me. I hope you don't have to do that, but if you do, I think that where ever you end up will become home for you and your family because I feel "home" is more about people than place. You are in my thoughts and I am anxious to see how it all works out.